Getting To Know Me

Desmond Webster,  Helping Sell Your House Where Agents Can't


Who is Desmond Webster? If I didn't come to the United Kingdom from my native South Africa in 2005 our paths probably would not  have crossed. Let me give you a brief summary about me and why I would love to help you sell you house in a way that may be unfamiliar to you.

My parents were hard-working people from a small mining town, and that was the community that shaped my life. If someone from the town fell upon a crisis in their life the town would hear about it, and it was not uncommon for us to support them the best we could. That philosophy stuck with me into adulthood.

What happened after finishing high school had just as much impact upon the person I am today. In South Africa we had to do 2 years of National Service in the military. These were the best and hardest time in my life. A blessing for my character building, but once was enough. Both the training and the camaraderie gave me the disciplines and friendships that can't be bought. In our duties we depended upon each other to achieve the missions that we were given.

Hard work, community and helping each other is what I grew up knowing. Before arriving in the UK I worked long and hard after completing my 4-year trades apprenticeship. However, my first love of working with property and people was realised in 2003 by setting up my on estate agency upon gaining my qualifications. I was not just a salesman on behalf of the seller, but at times would also have to be their confidant and advisor. The satisfaction of helping people move on with their life is irreplaceable.

Despite the challenges of starting a new life in a new country, that experience and fulfilment is something I wish to recapture. So often I am made aware of how working people reach a vulnerable point in their life when it comes to the urgent sale of their house. Just like in South Africa, I have undertaken business and property training here in the UK to help people move and have that helping hand they don't always feel is there.

Under the guidance of people that are helping me, I would like to help you in the same way. I am not a charity, but charitable in nature to work with you the way I have been brought up to work with others.

Best wishes,

Desmond Webster