Do You Really Want To Sacrifice Years Of Equity On A Quick House Sale Due To Ignorance Of Better And More Profitable Solutions?

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Before It's Too Late...
Let Me Show You A Better Way

Is what's owed  on your house greater than it's current market value? Does your house need work doing on it that you don't have the skill or funds to do? Are you simply not able or willing to throw away your life's savings by accepting a heavily discounted quick cash sale? Are you selling your house because you see no other way to pay off some bills that can no longer be put off?

My name is Desmond Webster and my goal is to work with people move on with their life with dignity. With my business and property training let's work together to help you achieve you goal. In fact, not only will we be solving your problem but also the problem of people aspiring to home ownership but but are shut out right at this moment.

Let's break this down into three simple steps...

  • What's The Problem?

The problem for most is that no one ever showed you a way to resolve your problem in your best interests. Family, friends, estate agents, solicitors, accountants will all give advice, but how many of them will put their hand in their pocket and write you out a cheque? You know the answer.

For you, the process of selling your home is likely to be unfamiliar and daunting. You feel like you have little or no control over the process. Who do you trust? Wouldn't it make more sense to work with someone with a different range of skills to your local estate agent to get you the best price and terms possible ?

  • How Do We Fix It?

With everyone wanting you to "drop the price" below it's fair market value is it possible that you could offer "fair terms" in exchange for "fair value"? You have the final say in the process. I work on the marketing and business strategies to find the right people that are really future home buyers in waiting. We get mortgage brokers and solicitors in place to oversee their extended purchase. We all have the same mutual interest as we all work together to achieve our respective goals.

Is this for everyone? Definitely not! I can already hear what your advisors are saying. Don't forget to ask about your cheque that comes with their advice. the videos on this page to show you what I am talking about. Only if you are open-minded about a different approach to the one that's not currently working for you, also register for my video report to better appreciate if this works for you.

  • When Do We Start?

We only start when we know we are right for each other. Mostly the problem that needs solving is not the house, but what's preventing the house being sold the conventional way. After you have watched my short video report I'll give you an obligation-free 15 minute call to address your problems, concerns and questions.

Please go to my Contact Me page to send me a message of when you would like to speak, preferably over a Skype call, but also over the phone if you wish. I can give you recommendations and suggestions depending on your circumstances. We need to step back and address how to get your financial and personal problems behind you to resolve your problem.


Desmond Webster